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Melinda Blunk is all too familiar with adversity and overcoming one's obstacles. Born as a crack baby to a mother who tried to abort her, Melinda was told she would never be able to walk. Through a miracle and her stubbornness, she can run and play sports. She was adopted, struggled with suicidal thoughts, was homeless, kidnapped, physically, sexually and verbally abused throughout differents parts of her life. Melinda came out a better and stronger person. And that's just a drop in the bucket. She was kept here for a reason. She is a perfect example for people about bettering their lives no matter what the circumstances. She is attending school in Missouri and then has high aspirations of getting a Master's at Columbia Journalism School in NY. She has a book that will be available on Amazon called Why? I'm Just A Normal Girl...Letting Go, and Letting Life...Feel free to visit her website and book her to speak at

Back At It!

My health hasn’t been good at all, but I am back at it…look for appearances on radio shows, TV shows, etc.  Already have a few coming up in the next few months…I’ll keep you posted!  God bless! Advertisements

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Please Father…

But deep in my heart Father, I have this trembling question, still I’m sure the answer’s gonna come somehow…because out there in the dark, there’s always your beckoning candle. And while a man can talk, when he can think, when … Continue reading

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Black People Do Support Mitt Romney…

I have to say I almost cried watching this…I am tired of seeing this election as a race based one…

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I wrote this because I have lost a lot of friends over this election, and it greatly saddens me… I think that politics brings out the worst in people. I have been doing a lot of research into the life … Continue reading

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Sorry, it’s been a while since I have posted…I have been super busy…became part of a team to help stop the violence in our city…please pray for Warren, OH…we are a small, but amazing city that has the ability to … Continue reading

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Change is so hard.  Sometimes in life we get comfortable with the people around us who we know, our surroundings, everything.  We get scared to actually go the course our life is meant for because it’s not comfortable.  Everybody has … Continue reading

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I just want to say…nobody is placed in your life on accident…every person you come in contact with affects you…it may be for a good reason, or it may be bad, but the bad things are meant for you to … Continue reading

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