Taste the Rain…

God is there just when you need him most…I was really havin’ a hard time before.  Feeling down, etc.  Thinking noone was there for me. I used to live in AZ, and I hated it because there was never really any rain. I always felt like wanting to throw in the towel and give up, and then God brought the rain.  I literally ran outside, I just stood there tasting it and soaking it all up, then I layed down on the ground and everyone of my thoughts went away…I was carefree, it was just me and God there.  Having this intimate moment.  He’s the only one I need right now, so in an essence I’m dating Jesus.  Then when I stood up I felt so powerful, God just handed that power to me, not a controlling power, but an I won’t let Satan or things of this world get to me…and I was thinking of the song Like the Rain by Clint Black…my favorite line being I never liked the rain till I walked through it with you…that says it all.  And then I ended with a running and doing a really LONG mudslide…thank you God!  My spirit is happy and carefree because of you!  Have you ever had any rain moments like this?  Have you ever taken the time to really appreciate and taste the rain?


About melindablunk

Melinda Blunk is all too familiar with adversity and overcoming one's obstacles. Born as a crack baby to a mother who tried to abort her, Melinda was told she would never be able to walk. Through a miracle and her stubbornness, she can run and play sports. She was adopted, struggled with suicidal thoughts, was homeless, kidnapped, physically, sexually and verbally abused throughout differents parts of her life. Melinda came out a better and stronger person. And that's just a drop in the bucket. She was kept here for a reason. She is a perfect example for people about bettering their lives no matter what the circumstances. She is attending school in Missouri and then has high aspirations of getting a Master's at Columbia Journalism School in NY. She has a book that will be available on Amazon called Why? I'm Just A Normal Girl...Letting Go, and Letting Life...Feel free to visit her website and book her to speak at www.melindablunk.weebly.com.
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